With the 2022 primaries heating up now and early voting starting February 14, block-walking season is upon us! This team has gone door-to-door in the Fredericksburg area several times now, and are having a great time educating voters to the issues, candidates and how to get involved.

Anyone but Abbott, Devine & Reyes Block-walking & Signs
Contact Jett Burns: (830) 342-7153 or Jett@kylefortexas.com

Here is what we have accomplished and future opportunities to get involved…

                                      Walkers         Doors

 Sat      Jan  8:                    8                  203

 Thu     Jan 13:                   6                  160

 Sat      Jan 15:                   6                  103

Wed:   Jan 19:      Starts at 9:30 am – 616 W. Main      

Sat:     Jan 22:       Starts at 12:00 noon – 616 W. Main

You can also get involved by just showing up at the new office opened at 616 West Main, Fredericksburg, Texas – Read more about that here!