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Rep. Chip Roy on using the power of the purse strings

“So when people say that's radical, that's what the founders gave — the tool for us to use. Don't write a check to fund a government that's at WAR with Texas!”

Chip Roy confronts Maxine Waters over pro-socialism statements

Roy reads Maxine Waters' comments on Socialism right back to her

Rep. Chip Roy calls out Biden's "bankrupt" budget

"A bankrupt tyrannical America!"

Rep. Roy calls out RINOs

Chip Roy explodes at fellow House Republicans in fiery floor speech

Chip Roy demands tougher action from the GOP

"Make Chuck Schumer and the President... choke on it"

Congressman Chip Roy warns about TEXIT amid border crisis

"At some point, Texas is gonna say, screw it enough. We're gonna do whatever the hell we want to do." His words ring true for many Texans who are tired of being ignored by the federal government.

Congress Commentary

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