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Local Government

The City of Fredericksburg will finalize the Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2024 (Oct 1,2023-Sept 30, 2024) on Tuesday, September 19th

The City Council has voted for the HIGHEST proposed tax rate, at the highest legal rate allowed before triggering an election for voter approval

Do not let anyone tell you this is the ONLY WAY or JUST THE WAY it is: Tarrant County and the cities of South Lake and Keller in Texas all recently made national news for decreasing tax burdens on their constituents

We encourage every taxpayer to contact the City Council members to encourage them to REDUCE the budget (you can view the budget line items here) and explain the hardship to your family that is represented by another tax INCREASE

Mayor Jeryl Hoover

[email protected]

(830) 456-9550

Councilmember Bobby Watson

[email protected]

Councilmember Emily Kirchner

[email protected]

737 843-4020

Councilmember Tony Klein

[email protected]


Councilmember Randy Briley

[email protected]

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