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Our district tends to vote Republican but leans toward establishment politics. Therefore, we are challenged to find and elect liberty candidates. We are changing that trajectory through raising awareness of the issues, networking with conservative grassroots organizations and sponsoring events that promote our five basic principles.



  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Limited Government
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Rule of Law
  • State Sovereignty 




We strive to overcome the apathy toward government that permeates our citizenry today. We believe the people are responsible for securing the government they want while holding that government responsible for fulfilling conservative values.

When people are educated they are empowered!


The Fredericksburg Tea Party took the lead in hosting First Amendment Tuesdays at the Capitol for the 85th legislative session. And our activists were most of the Gillespie County Republican Delegation at the Republican State Convention, held in San Antonio.



FTP meets on the second Thursday of every month. We attract high caliber speakers to keep our members up to date on current issues we face in Texas and our nation. Our paid membership has doubled in one year, we have implemented a new ‘Tea Party Café’ program to follow national issues more closely and we just launched a texting program to assist in communicating to our members.

Phone: 830-992-9010


Next Public Fredericksburg Tea Party Monthly Meeting:

Thursday, January 9,  2020


Backwoods BBQ

320 FM 2093 Fredericksburg, TX 78624

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