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August Monthly Meeting

Border Security with Ammon Blair

St. Joseph’s Halle
212 W San Antonio St, Fredericksburg

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Childcare provided for K-5th

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Check out this video from our annual Guns & Roses meeting in February!

What would the Founding Fathers think if they could see America today? No Time to Run shows American children what America was meant to be.

Watch as Mr. Franklin and President Washington share stories and answer questions after the live screening in Kerrville, Texas

Our book recommendations focus on enriching the understanding of FTP’s Five Guiding Principles:


1) Constitutionally Limited Government
2) Fiscally Conservative Government
3) National and State Sovereignty
4) Rule of Law
5) Personal Responsibility

Boots & BBQ 2023 hosted by Fredericksburg Tea Party was a HUGE success!
Thank you for being an essential part of this incredible grassroots movement.

On September 22nd, we celebrated the power of grassroots engagement, where citizens like you are the driving force behind meaningful change. Your dedication to shaping the future of our communities and nation is truly inspiring. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the guest speakers, attendees, and volunteers for joining us in this vital endeavor, as your presence fuels the momentum of our collective efforts. Together, we can continue to amplify our voices, champion our causes, and make a lasting impact on the political landscape.

If you weren’t able to attend, please enjoy the video and photo gallery (PIN: 1776) from the event.

We hope you will join us in 2024!

Monday-Friday from 9-10 AM

Matt hosts Angela Smith, founder of the Fredericksburg Tea Party, every Monday!