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Texas Legislative Session

The 88th Texas Legislative Session began on Tuesday, January 10th and concludes on Monday, May 29th

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This is your opporunity to influence lawmakers in Texas! Our weekly newsletter features critical action alerts- don’t miss the call to action:


Protect Elections  Eliminate machines, clean voter rolls, restore felony penalities

Secure the Border  Declare an invasion, stop taxpayer funding to illegal aliens, interstate compact for border security

Ban Child Gender Modification  Stop medical and psychological abuse

Stop Sexualizing Kids  Repeal the obscenity exemption

Ban Democrat Chairs  Stop giving the ability to stifle Republican priorities to the opposing party

Abolish Abortion in Texas Ban over the counter abortion drugs

Defend Gun Rights  Eliminate gun-free zones

Protect Parental Rights  Money follows the child with NO GOVERNMENT STRINGS attached

Sensible Transportation  Defend citizens from encroachment and eminent domain abuse

Property Tax Relief  Eliminate the taxes that never stop, even after you own your home

Vaccine Choice  Protect informed consent, medical privacy, and exemptions

TEXIT  Restore a constitutional republic and protect the rights of Texans

Sensible Transportation- TURF exposes the dangers to liberty

Property Tax Relief- Texans for Fiscal Responsibility compare bills

Pro-taxpayer legislation overview including a ban on taxpayer-funded lobbying and state preemption of local regulations

State Rep Justin Holland filed legislation to create the Texas Land and Water Conservation Fund and take $2 Billion from the Rainy Day Fund to create a slush fund for land trusts to buy conservation easements on private property

Legislature Videos

Quick Crash Course on the Ins & Outs of Texas Legislative Sessions

How is the Texas Speaker of the House selected? You might be surprised!

ANOTHER 5 day weekend for the Texas House?

How to find a legislative report and how to use it effectively

Casino Gambling is Dead in Texas & Why That is a Good Thing

Legislature Resources

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Capitol Resources

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Legislature News

FTP Statement on Impeachment of AG Paxton

Fredericksburg Tea Party Statement Concerning Impeachment Proceedings Brought by the General Investigating Committee under the Direction of House Speaker, Dade Phelan and Chaired by Representative, Andrew Murr Fredericksburg Tea Party stands in dismay at the way the...