Fredericksburg Tea Party Statement Concerning Impeachment Proceedings Brought by the General Investigating Committee under the Direction of House Speaker, Dade Phelan and Chaired by Representative, Andrew Murr

Fredericksburg Tea Party stands in dismay at the way the Texas House of Representatives, as a body, has conducted state business this legislative session. We hoped for a sense of urgency to tackle the pressing policy issues faced by this session,  instead we have watched as the body voted several 5-day weekends, mismanaged committee chairmanships and blatantly disregarded the Republican Party’s priorities.  As a body, the Texas State House continues to be an embarrassment and is damaging the Republican Party.   Recently, House Speaker Dade Phelan was filmed intoxicated at the gavel.  As if to retaliate for Attorney General Ken Paxton’s call for his resignation, Dade Phelan’s General Investigating Committee, chaired by Andrew Murr, (who has been secretly investigating Attorney General Paxton outside the knowledge of the rank and file members of the Texas House) has scheduled a vote of impeachment, TODAY, at 1 pm. Due to the departure from due process considerations and the subsequent lack of transparency, FTP encourages all House and Senate members to vote NO to impeachment charges.