The purpose of this office located in Gillespie County at 616 West Main, Fredericksburg, Texas, is to provide a central location for candidates for the 2022 Republican Primary election to stage signs and handouts for block-walking in the vicinity of Fredericksburg, Texas.  Block-walking facilitates the public awareness of the various candidates and the primary election itself, which creates more informed discussion, debate, and voters.  The outcome should be that Republican Party ends up with the best candidates for the November 2022 election.

The office is made available through our state representative, Kyle Biederman, who has generously decided to share part of his campaign office to allow Republican Primary candidates to stage their materials there up through the March 1 Republican Primary and a short time afterward. 

The building hours are:
8 am – 5 pm weekdays 
9 am – noon Saturdays 
1 pm – 4 pm Sundays

You can also contact George Studor (281) 415-3986 or

The sign storage room, the second door on the left (NOT the wooden door), and the conference room may be used for short meetings to prepare for block-walking.  Individuals are welcome to get materials as needed.

Campaign items are also available to individuals that are not block-walking.

Conference Room available for short meetings to prepare for block-walking.