Last week was a fantastic week for the Fredericksburg Tea Party.  The leaders and activists pulled together to save the sabotaged Texas State Republican Party Convention in Gillespie County and in Houston.  You all know that the Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner, waited until four days before the convention to force the closure of the George Brown Convention Center in a blatant attack on the First Amendment and Texas Conservatives.  This after he marched in the streets of Houston a few weeks earlier with thousands of unmasked protestors.

We had people in Houston ready for the convention if by a miracle the Texas Court rescinded the Mayor’s illegal banning of “Freedom of peaceful assembly.”  The Court kicked the can down the road as expected.  Thousands of Delegates were left out on the street with no place to gather when a bit of luck came our way as the management at the Marriott Marquis Houston opened their convention rooms to the Texas GOP.  This was not enough room to have all six thousand Delegates meet, but it allowed for some of the most important committees to meet, and for an amazing team of volunteers to jam-pack everything that was necessary to run a virtual convention in three short days.

What followed were long days and nights often going until 4AM to start again at 8AM.  In Gillespie County the GOP and Tea Party set up a virtual headquarters at Victory Fellowship Church for Delegates not in Houston and for those returning.  This went extremely well with the fantastic grace and help from Pastor Michael Burdick. We had WiFi, big screen projectors, training rooms and plenty of comfortable space.

At first it seemed like the GOP had three days to build a skyscraper…an impossible task.  We had problems with ZOOM (online meetings application) and it took almost three more days to securely get the voting software running.  In the end it all worked out, everyone hung-in, the GOP virtual team got everything working, and despite the left wing Mayor declaring war on the Texas GOP, we won the first battle.

We have some great local victories worth mentioning.  Angela Smith (Tea Party Founder) was elected to the Texas State GOP Nominations Committee and Matt Long (Tea Party President) was elected to the Texas State GOP Platform and Resolutions Committee.  A true Conservative, Lt. Col. Allen West, is now the Texas State GOP Chairman.