Roy vs. Kopser

If you look only at the resume of Joseph Kopser the Democrat US House candidate for our district you might think he would hold conservative values, a WestPoint graduate, an Iraq veteran, and a small business owner – but don’t let that fool you. Some of his ads even leave out his party affiliation. He is a card carrying liberal democrat who is endorsed by Elizabeth Warren, Steny Hoyer and Planned Parenthood. He is in favor of bigger government by supporting universal healthcare, paid family leave, surrender of guns , raising the corporate income tax, higher taxes, increased fee on carbon emissions, more federal involvement in water rights and control. The list is even more extensive – but the bottom line is all of these translate into more control and regulation of your lives and businesses by the federal government.

• His Republican opponent, Chip Roy also has a conservative, yet different, background, one that demonstrates positions that are for less big government control, enforcement of constitutional rights, securing the border and lower taxes. Chip previously served in several top leadership positions for Texas elected officials, State Attny General Ken Paxton. , Sen. Ted Cruz Texas Governor Rick Perry and Senator John Cornyn (R-TX).. Chip prosecuted gang members and drug runners as while serving as Special Assistant U.S. Attorney. Chip Fought alongside Attorney General Ken Paxton against federal overreach, illegal amnesty and attacks on Voter ID and the Texas Women’s Health pro-life law and also Advised former Governor Rick Perry on a conservative Texas budget, defending the 10th Amendment
Chip Roy is endorsed by Mike Lee, Louie Gohmert, Mark Levin – all strong constitutionalists. Your vote on Nov 6 for Republican Chip Roy is a vote for simplified taxes, securing the border, restoring healthcare freedom, reduced federal spending and deeply reducing regulations

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David Estes

Let’s don’t fall for anything but conservatives from our state.


Totally agree.


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