Climate Change, Chapter 1

By Mike Belsick

Chapter 1 – 97% Agreement ????

To lead off my climate change discussion, I would like to address the claim from the Left that 97% of all climate scientists believe in anthropogenic climate change.  Let me ask you a simple question.  When, in your experience, have you ever found that 97%, basically everyone, agree on something?  I am not just talking about just a small group of friends or family.  I am asking about the entire US and even the entire world.  Ask people what their favorite ice cream flavor is, and you may get more than 31 flavors.  Ask for the best football team and you will get 32 different answers.  Yet somehow through all of this “diversity” of opinions, the Left claims that 97% of all scientists agree on man-made climate change.  Would you like to know where that number came from?

Climate Researcher John Cook reviewed 11,944 scientific papers on climate change written between 1991 to 2011. 66.4% of those papers made no reference at all to humans causing climate change.  These papers discussed natural phenomena that have caused climate change for millions of years.  The remaining 33.6% of those papers alluded to possible human causes.  Of that 33.6%, 97% of them specifically concluded that anthropogenic CO2 had caused the climate change noted.  So, the 97% number of man-made climate change believers used by the Left is really 97% of 33.6%, which is less than 32% of all climate scientists from around the world during the time period in question.  If you are wondering why we do not hear from the 66.4% of climate scientist, that is a very good question.  The main answer is that they are not allowed to speak on any Media network.  The “powers that be” in the science community also try to silence these scientists.  However, there are many books in circulation that provide an honest discussion of climate change.  A much later chapter in this series will address the politics of man-made climate change and how these voices have been silenced.

I will add that no one knows exactly what the percentages are for the anthropogenic “believers” versus the so-called “deniers” are today.  There appears to be a lot of corruption in this scientific endeavor for political and financial reasons.  The important take away from this chapter is that the current Left’s claim is inaccurate because there are still lots of scientists that do not believe even significant changes in carbon dioxide concentrations could trigger a climate change event and there are a lot of scientists that do not believe that humans cause a significant difference in any climate change.

Dr. Michael Crichton said:

“There is no such thing as consensus science.  If it’s consensus, it isn’t science.  If it’s science, it isn’t consensus.”

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