Boot Ranch Water Usage “Excessively Wasteful”

Boot Ranch water consumption is "excessively wasteful", "not fair to the city taxpayers", "not economical to city", and if continued it would place "unsustainable demand on city"

This is what Mo Saiidi has been telling Fredericksburg City Counsel. He has been studying this issue for years. Now he has compiled the data to back it up. The following link is a .pdf of Mo's work.

You will not get this information from The Standard or City.

Do you really want to subsidize Boot Ranch?




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One comment on “Boot Ranch Water Usage “Excessively Wasteful”

Water is one of our most precious natural resources and we shouldn’t be using it as a source of power or a means of obtaining votes. Large cities (Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio) all have need for water supplies that will sustain their growth for decades to come. Where do they get the water for their cities; the sparsely populated areas of the state. Obtaining water rights usually isn’t done openly but through backroom deals. Elected servants who would sell off our water resources for the sake of an imagined growth do not have the interests of their constituents in mind. Such people have no business holding elected office. Was the contract to supply Boot Ranch put up for a vote by the citizens? Doubtful. It isn’t the responsibility of the citizens of Gillespie County or the City of Fredericksburg to ensure the financial success of Boot Ranch. Those who approved the deal need to be held accountable for irresponsible actions.


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