Election Integrety

Election Integrity
Jeannette Hormuth, who many of you know through “Clean Water Fred”, along with Fredericksburg resident, Jerry Farley, has filed a lawsuit contesting results of Fredericksburg Charter Amendment Election.  It is alleged that election officials recounted votes that were legally insufficient, failed to recount legal votes, made mistakes and/or engaged in illegal conduct.

We need to be able to trust that our vote counts.  We need to have a fair and accurate vote in the upcoming primary, and even to a greater extent, in the most important general election of all time coming this November.

Below is a link to detailed description of the what, when, and where that lead to questioning the integrity of the vote.  It’ worth the read.

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One comment on “Election Integrety

Terry Hamilton

It is a shame that Ms. Hormuth doesn’t have a clue about the election process. Her claims about unjust fairness during the elections is unfounded. The issue regarding the unsigned ballots is a mute point as she still lost her election. This was largely due to her own actions during early voting as her overly aggressive attitude towards voters coming in to vote turned two thirds of the voters against her and her cause. Simply put, she pissed them off by getting in their faces while they tried to get out of their vehicle to vote. As for actions that happened in the Central Count Station, we will let the lawsuit bear out the truth about what really happened there.


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