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Border Videos

Operation Burning Edge launches on the Texas Border

Did you know there is a "colonia" north of Houston for 200,000 illegal immigrants, known as Abbott City? The development is on track to be the 18th largest city in Texas, equivalent to the size of Brownsville

Mark Meckler closes out “How Many More” border security rally in Austin

On April 29th 2023, concerned citizens assembled at the Texas Capitol in Austin to demand that our elected leaders take action to end the humanitarian crisis at our southern border

PragerU heads to Texas

The Wrap Up Team covers what the mainstream media is ignoring—the collapse of America's southern border

Government-Sponsored, Tax-Payer Funded Child Trafficking in Texas

Sheena Rodriguez interviews DHS & HHS whisteblowers from Project Veritas

Light in the Darkness

The remarkable journey of Tim Ballard’s fight against human trafficking in his own words

Epoch TV reports

Unaccompanied minors sent to traffickers instead of family members

“Midnight At The Border"

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. travels to the U.S.-Mexico border in Yuma, Arizona to investigate the immigration issue firsthand.

'New and imminent' danger

Ex-FBI officials warn Congress the US is being invaded

Border Commentary

Season 5, The Border Invasion

Texas is facing an unprecedented open border crisis. As Mexican drug cartels smuggle indentured servants and drugs across the southern border, Texans are struggling to fend off the invasion.

AST calls for an Investigation into the Largest Colonia in TX

Learn how YOU can help now

Alliance for a Safe Texas

The need for state regulation and oversight of facilities housing minors in Texas

Hundreds of Illegal Aliens Flood Eagle Pass

While DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas defends the Biden administration’s border policies, hundreds of illegal aliens continue to cross the Rio Grande into Texas.

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