Courtesy of Mike Belsick, FTP Leader of Focus for Second Amendment Rights

Status of all of the 2A related bills during the 88th Regular Legislative Session

Bills that have already been signed by Gov. Abbott:

  • HB 1221 Department filing a claim for unclaimed property on the behalf of victims.  I was FOR this bill.
  • HB 1750 A city may not impose requirements such as the discharge of a firearm regarding agricultural operations within city boundaries.  I was Neutral.
  • HB1760 A person commits an offense by taking a firearm on school grounds.  GOA For
  • HB1989 Related to fees assessed by a district clerk.  GOA Neutral
  • SB 224 Increasing the category of the criminal offense if person possessed a firearm at the time of the crime.  GOA Neutral
  • SB 240 Health facilities will now have to have a violence prevention plan.  GOA Neutral
  • SB 728 Any child acquitted in a criminal case due to mental handicap shall have their information provided to the FBI for the National Instant Criminal Background Check.  GOA Neutral
  • SB 1598 Related to the composition of the Homeland Security Council.
  • SB 1852 Related to active shooter training for police officers

Bills that have been sent to the Governor but not yet signed (as I am writing this):

  • HB 165 Increasing penalties for a “Mass Shooter” GOA opposed
  • HB 2291 A retired police officer or judge may carry a handgun.  GOA For
  • HB 2837 Prevents new category codes on firearm/ammunition transactions by banks and credit cards.  GOA For
  • HB3137 Municiplaities may not adopt/enforce regulations on firearms/ammunition regarding liability insurance.  GOA For
  • HB 3424 Establish basic training course for security officers.  GOA Neutral
  • HB 4504 Revision of certain Code of Criminal Procedures
  • HCR 036 Secretary of State to request Federal support for families of the Sutherland Springs Mass shooting victims like other mass shootings victims.
  • SB 048 Standardized forms and materials for protective orders.  GOA Against
  • SB 599 (similar to HB 1648) allows District Clerks allowed to carry a firearm.  GOA For
  • SB 694 Security personnel hired by religious organizations are immune from civil liability resulting from any actions taken.  I was For this.
  • SB 999 Only the Texas Commissin on Law Enforcement may provide active shooter training for personnel on school grounds.  I thought that this was too restrictive.
  • SB 1236 The use of certain weapons in or on the banks of navigable rivers is prohibited.  GOA Neutral
  • SB 2479 Related to procedures regarding certain person who are or may be persons with mental illness

General Status of 2A Bills:

  • There were 298 2A related bills submitted for this 88th legislative Session.
  • During the legislative process, a bill would be assigned to a committee.  From that point, the bill may:
    • Never be scheduled to be discussed by Committee members or people wishing to testify.  In the attached spreadsheet, these are labeled “Never scheduled”.
    • The original Committee may have held a meeting on the bill and allowed public testimony.  However, at sometime during this process, the bill may have stalled with the bill status listed as “Pending”, meaning the bill never got passed that committee.
    • The other possibility is that the bill may have been approved by the original committee but was then stalled by the Calendar Committee who never forwarded the bill to the next step.  (This is agreat way for the “powers that be” to kill an unfavorable bill but make it look like “we simply ran out of time”.)