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Education Videos

Moms for Liberty

Moms are under attack but we are fighting back

American Values Belong In School Libraries

Catherine Rahimian of the Moms For Liberty Foundation leads a program called Moms For Libraries, which aims to place books that teach civics, history and American values in school libraries

Bannon's War Room

Moms for Liberty & American Principles Project stand up for children & parents across the Country

Real America News

Interview with Tara Petsch, founder of Moms for Liberty-Gillespie County chapter

Pennsylvania Superintendent Vows to Protect Children

"I will never condone any behavior or any decision that promotes the sexualization of children in this district. And I make no qualms about it."

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

Explains school superintendent salary and benefit abuse

The Film The Left Doesn't Want You To See

Their doctors and our society told them transitioning was the path to becoming the person they truly were. Now, years later, victims of this agenda reveal the gut wrenching truth about the scars they will bear for the rest of their lives.

Hide Your Children: Exposing the Marxists Behind the Attack on America's Kids

When it comes to the Left’s desire to control American kids, institutions, and government, “expect escalation,” Liz Wheeler writes in her new book.

What happens when a child is told she is born in the wrong body?

A growing number of young Americans are being manipulated to take hormones and undergo surgery. Now, many are finding the courage to detransition and warn others about their experience.

Moms for Liberty Co-Founder TORCHES MEDIA at Press Conference

Why is the media fixated on undermining the push for age appropriate books in schools and providing ZERO coverage of the failing literacy rates of schoolchildren across the nation?

Our Children need a Champion in the State Board of Education Seat District 10

Read Dr. Bone's letter here

Education Commentary

Alliance for a Safe Texas

Pediatric and mental health care clinics in schools raise concerns

A Sign of the Growing Influence of Conservative Parents

The group has been vocal in its opposition to critical race theory and other progressive education policies

Undercover Footage

Frisco ISD Trustees to squelch conservative voices

Pushing Hate: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI)

Examining the cultural threat stemming from Texas schools

Education News