Position open:


Requirement:     Breathing

Contact: 830 992-9010

Seriously, we on the Steering Committee need help badly.  If you like the meetings, special guest speakers, movies, and mostly the ability to be with active like-minded people then you need to volunteer some time.  This position will only take about 8 hours a month of your time.

The Tea Party, like the Country, can all go away without your involvement.




Don't be an empty seat.

We need your help.  You can watch as your liberty etches away under the corrosive waves drifting in from the lands of the New World Order, Socialism, violence and  terror.  Or just maybe you might want to do something about it.  The time is NOW!


Call Matt: 830-992-9010

Phone: 830-992-9010

Monthly Meetings

Thursday, May 14, 2020. 6:30 PM

Hampton Inn & Suites Fredericksburg

Doors open 6:00 for light diner.
Please join us.  Open to Public.
$10.00 donation suggested.

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