Chip Roy volunteer regrets his support.

Ted knocked over 700 doors. He witnessed nastiness within the campaign. He was treated terribly by bussed in volunteers. He was at a very recent rally with his wife and nephew after voting when he realized they were the only ones with "Voted" stickers on. Most of the people in the room including Chip were not wearing them because they could not vote in this election. 

The McCall Campaign Is On The Roll!

Additional Information

**We SERIOUSLY need your help this week at the Gillespie County Courthouse! Matt has the strongest grassroots campaign and it makes a BIG difference! We only have one couple scheduled to hold signs and we need more! Afternoons are open...Hourly shifts. (2hrs min pls)
Call Angela to schedule! 830-456-9547**
We Endorsed Matt, Now Let's Get Him Elected!

UPDATE...The McCall Campaign is On a Roll!

**Help at HQ in Boerne....Call Today to Schedule Time 830-998-5972
Phone bank callers are receiving TONS of positive feedback!

Have you heard?  The City of Fredericksburg has passed a new ordinance governing bed & breakfasts.  

What does it mean to you? 
Join a coalition of concerned B&B owners who are in the planning stages of putting together workshops to inform and educate. 

Email ( your interest in this initiative TODAY!