About Us

FTP has been vocal & present at our State Capitol in Austin

First Amendment Tuesdays began for the 84th Session. FTP took the reins and continued this movement for the 85th session

The Grassroots

We were joined by conservative activist from across the state. We focused on key conservative legislation that mirrored our core principles and advocated passage of these important bills.

Empower Texans

Texas Values

Texas Right To Life

Texas Public Policy Foundation

Terri Hall, TURF

Rachel Malone, Texas Firearms Freedom

And many more!

Get Active & Get Involved!

A goal of The Fredericksburg Tea Party is to educate people on issues and legislation that effect our daily lives and liberty. No one has to go this alone. We encourage you to join us and becomes armed with the tools and information to empower you as a conservative activist. 

Matt Long Honored by Empower Texans

Each year at the Conservative Leaders Gala, we recognize men and women who truly shine in the conservative movement as grassroots leaders. These are individuals who don’t hold legislative office or often seek the spotlight; instead, they diligently work to make Texas a strong, better place to live.

The award is an engraved cavalry sword, signifying their leadership in the cause of liberty! ... Empower Texans