City-County Focus Group.   Meets the 3rd Wednesday each month, 6:00 PM, Backwoods BBQ 320 FM 2093, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624  Contact: George Studor:
Vote your Values, then your Candidate - by  George Studor
  Democrat Republican
Worldview Globalist - One World Government America First – help others as needed
Attitude Left of Liberal Conservative Right
Political Power State Control - Communist Representative Governance
Transition of Power Extreme Challenge to Trump Election Peaceful Transition of Power
Methods Divide & Hide for more Power Unity and Integrity with Hard Work
More Methods Fear&Threats - see“Rules for Radicals” Logic, Reason, Goodwill to attract support
Funding Media, Education, other countries Corporations and Individuals
One Party Goal DC and Puerto Rico Statehood Democracy relies on multiple parties
Constitution Oppose 1st, 2nd other Amendments Defend Constitution & Amendments.
Government Reach Bigger – More Programs/Control Smaller – Private Incentives
Representative Government Focused on Re-election, Political favors Congressional Term Limit; Drain the Swamp
Executive Mandates Warranted beyond COVID mandates Unconstitutional-Legislatures make laws
International Relations Pay to Play, Elite Gains, China deals Fair trade deals, bring back overseas jobs
Global Warming Unreasonable/Costly Mandates Reasoned Cost/Benefit Approaches
Military Cut Funds, Politicize Force, a Lesser Job More Funds, Peace via Strength, Honorable
Economic Socialist: distribute wealth, elite “win” Capitalist: equal opportunity/competition
Monetary Policy Spending excesses>more Debt>crashes Frugality>Less Debt> Strong Economy
State Pre-COVID Debt Federal bail-out States are responsible, no Federal Bail-out
Work Opportunities Prefer “Minorities” over Qualifications Best Qualified for job, Opportunity Zones
Business Big Business, outsource to Chinese Small Businesses, Fair Trade Deals
Morality Self-Determined, situational Under God – Biblical source of virtues
Religion A threat that needs more Gov. Control Rights are God-given, Freedom of Religion
Right-to-Life Mother’s Choice: embryo has no rights Abortion is Murder:embryo has right-to-life
Euthanasia State decides Individual right to choose
Marriage Any legal partnership Between a man and woman
Family Advocacy/tax benefit Anti-traditional family, any definition Traditional family is foundation of society
Healthcare Government mandatory->single payer H.C. Choices; Medicare & Social Security
COVID-19 New Normal in 2021: more mandates Back to Normal in 2021: more choices
Law Enforcement Defund Police, support violence Support Police, vulnerable: punish violence
Gun Control Gun-free zones, ”we’ll take your guns” Less gun-free zones; Identify persons of risk
Immigration Rights/Services for Illegals; sanctuaries Legal Petitions, Quotas; No sanctuary cities
Borders & Trafficking Open Borders – catch and release Border Walls, Enforcement, convict crimes
Education Teachers’ Unions; put down America School Choice, pro-America/ citizenship
  Biden (age 77) Trump (age 74)
Leadership Experience Started a law firm

40+ years in DC Politics – little to show

8 years VP – supporting role

Business Tycoon at young age

4 years in the White House as  Commander-in-Chief

Vice Pres. Running Mate Kamala Harris - Extreme Left Attorney General: 7yr; US Senator: 3yr Mike Pence: Indiana USRep:12yr Governor:4yr, US Vice Pres: 4yr
Leadership Easily Swayed Follower, puts himself & Democrat agenda first, easily influenced to change position or not follow through Resolute Leadership, America First, tough negotiator, keeps his word and promises
Communication Skills Difficulty thinking on the spot, guarded Speaks Intelligently and openly
Stamina and Work Ethic Tired and Retired Tireless Worker and Energetic
Priorities Biden Political Career and Power American People First
Allies Leftist News & Media Moguls, Education Conservative Organizations
Ethical Issues Biden implicated in serious crimes to benefit himself/family 3+ year Impeachment “witch-hunt” found no wrong-doing.
Vulnerability Controlled by far-left Socialist idealists/Islamic fundamentalists Independently leading various charges against corruption
Personal/Family Wealth Significant Increase since entering politics Decrease since entering politics
Negative Moral Behavior After entering politics Before entering politics



City – County Focus 4 Action Group:

Next Meeting: Backwoods BBQ at 6pm November 18, Oct 21st

    1. Purpose:
      1. Provide awareness of current City-County issues for FTP.
      2. Survey and recommend top current issues and actions.
      3. Spearhead actions that are high priority and FTP supported.


      1. Awareness
        1. City Council Meeting Notes – Sep 8, Sep 21, Oct 21
        2. Method to get on automatic distribution for City-County public forums
        3. Voter Information Sheet – dates, process, etc for Elections 2020
        4. Working on Background for “Non-Partisan” League of Women Voters Guide
      2. Top Issues and Actions:
        1. Draft under development (see below) – work on at October 21st Meeting
      3. Actions
        1. 2020 City Council and Mayoral Candidate Q&A – posted on FTP website and ad on Fredericksburg Post.
        2. Voter Registration – become a registrar, election clerk – identified issues
        3. Election Integrity – become a poll watcher
        4. Letters to the Editor – election related
        5. 2021 Boots and BBQ event support – started planning for September 2021

      Contact:   George Studor – – 281-415-3986


      Draft Top Ten City-County Issues:

      1. Voter Participation – Done – do more calls for Chip Roy?
      2. Local Plans/Guidance to Open up Fredericksburg – Develop a Petition? Churches, Business, Public? Why allow a 500 person race and then cancel the Christmas Tree Lighting?
      3. Voting Integrity – Volunteers in place to poll watch, Editorial written for paper,
      4. 2nd Amendment – right to carry – is this an issue for Gillespie County or Fredericksburg?
      5. Local Policies in line with the US and Texas Constitution
      6. City and County Budgets
      7. Safety, Quality and Resource Management
      8. Illegal Immigrants and avoiding being a de-facto “sanctuary city/county”
      9. Countering Socialist and Far-left agenda
      10. Conservative and Practical K-12 School Programs

October 19, 2020, Fredericksburg City Council Meeting Notes – George Studor

CORONA Virus Update:    7% positivity rate

Cases          Active       Recovered    Deaths

This Week:    13

Total:           349                12                335               10

FISD:         29                  5    (1 Elementary, 1 Middle School, 3 High School)

EMPLOYEE RECOGNITIONS:     Shelley Goodwin, City Secretary and staff running the City Election


Rebecca Rathe and next-door neighbor Jennifer complained about noise from party houses – noisy B&Bs that they have tried to bring to the city’s attention before.  This got written up in the paper that Wednesday.

___________ gave a very serious and well-constructed talk about his insight into illegal aliens taking jobs and doing illegal activities in our town. It appeared to him that Fredericksburg was becoming a bit of a sanctuary city for this.

George Studor discussed at length the problem of county interference with city early voting elections from his personal involvement as clerk. He asked that the city council not just recognize her for her job well-done, but support and defend her in the difficulties being imposed on her by those running the county general election in the same room.  Tom Musselmann also asked at the end of the meeting for the council to follow-up on this request to talk about the problems with the county judge and election judge as soon as possible. Afterwards, Shelley was asked to make a list of the details.


  1. Conditional Use Permit for Medical Services
  2. All-Way-Stop at N. Milam and W. Austin Street


  1. CUP for Medical Services – Okd
  2. City Landmark Designation for Fort Martin Scott(Anna) – after long discussion it was approved
  3. All-Way-Stop at N. Milam - W. Austin Street(Garrett): 5 crashes 2019, Traffic Impact Study – Okd
  4. Moratorium on Special Events and outdoor gatherings of 75 or more(on City Property) – it was set to expire on Nov 1 and was extended to Nov 16th , with the same rules, so that the new City Council and mayor could decide.
  5. Consider heritage School’s Eisbahn Fundraiser – November through January – Approved.


  1. Short-Term Rental Complaints – activity higher -> more complaints, look at stronger ordinances

- my question is why isn’t enforcing the current laws the highest priority?

  1. New Year’s Eve Celebration – City Council voted to Cancel.
  2. Election Update (Shelley Goodwin): 8103 registered, 1819 Voted(22%) including mail-in. Of that number 990 ballots by mail were sent out and 433 have been received.
  3. 2024 Eclipse Event(Jennifer Parks) – April 8, 2024 – there will be a large number of people in the area and other communities say it takes 3 to 5 years to get ready!!

- my question is – has the city and TXDOT looked at how traffic and pedestrian/biking will create safety issues if changes are not made?

September 8th City Council Meeting and By Pass Hearing…


By Pass Public Hearing:  Route E, the “Technically Preferred” Option will start Environmental and detailed Historic site evaluations as soon as the negotiations with DOT are worked out for this next phase. Public input is still solicited and the route can be modified.  Andy Atlas presented arguments against the By Pass:  (1) An extra-wide highway is not needed, (2) It won’t help Fredericksburg or Gillespie County so neither should have to pay for it, (3) Fredericksburg will see the same number of trucks on Main Street, (4) the residents don’t want the road, (5) Fredericksburg should work on options like a road extension that will help our city, (6) The should be no constraints placed on landowners who might be eventually affected.

Public Testimony – Timothy Ellis Riley talked a while and wanted to encourage others to attend and speak to the council – he also promoted a “Path to the Future” document which is something to learn about..

City Council Meeting:

  1. Call to Order – about 66 people were on Zoom, probably many more on Facebook meeting.
  2. COVID Update – Updated statistics were presented by Chief Bizzell(with a mask on). He said we are doing better but we must keep our guard up. Recent weeks have seen significant improvement with about 5 to 8 cases a week now, 9 deaths, but down to 12 active cases vs 34 on 8/17. Later, Clinton Baily relayed that Dr Parton said the COVID test positive rate is now 4.2%, down from 10% just a couple weeks ago.  There is 1 person on ventilator at HCM hospital at this point.  5 children in FISD have tested positive – all in the same family. Testing will be at LBJ park pavilion on Sep 13 and 27 from 8am to 4pm.

               Also, Considerations to relax restrictions on mobile food vendors and outdoor seating was considered later in the agenda. The Council voted(4 to 1) to have the next City Council meeting on September 21 in person at the University building and on Zoom.  A decision to have or not have Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday events is being requested by many local organizations.

  1. Employee Recognition: Kent Myers read off several recognitions of Police Officers and at the end of the entire meeting Charlie Kiehne made a special effort to commend our law enforcement in light of so many others not supporting them.
  1. Fredericksburg Market: Brian Jordan, Development Services Director, lead a public hearing of the proposed Fredericksburg Market as an overhaul of the long vacant Super S grocery store building at 206 N. Milam Street. Uses approved were cocktail lounge, food sales, general retail sales, microbrewery/distillery and liquor sales.  A cap of 33%  of the 13,800 sqft floor space may support alcohol sales. The landscaping, closure times(10pm M,T,W and 11pm on T,F,S,S) as well as noise ordinance enforcement was part of the agreement with local residents.  3 protest letters were received and Veronica Truan, who lives across the street testified about the noise aspects especially.
  1. City Manager’s Report: Kent Myers reported that the Budget and tax rate looks ready for approval by next meeting. More people seem to be coming to our city than expected so revenues are higher than expected.   Clinton Bailey mentioned that beds were filled to 99% capacity over the weekend and 95% capacity for this past week.  The 3 water bond projects, worth $18Million, are all on schedule and under budget. There were at least 7 positions opening and being filled in the coming weeks, including Brian Jordan, Development Services Director.
  1. Major Future Agenda Items: The Budget and Tax Rate, appointment of Presiding and Alternate Judges and it is likely that a determination of approval/disapproval of Special Events for Thanksgiving and Christmas will be addressed on September 21.