Focus 1

Focus for Action

Members of the Fredericksburg Tea Party responded to a FOCUS for ACTION survey and the results were presented at our annual Members Diner.  The Tea Party Members have a broad range of concerns and yet have a defined core of the issues that effect our liberty and freedom from being eroded away bit-by-bit.

We would like to share our conclusion with our readers.

            • 96% responded that immigration and asylum is high or highest in importance
            • 87% responded that 2nd Amendment Constitutional carry is high or highest in importance.
            • 86% responded that ethics problems with elected representatives is high or highest in importance.
            • 70% responded that Single-Payer Medicare for all is low or lowest in importance.

These are no shocker in that the values of sovereignty, morals, individuality, and God given rights are at the heart of our belief.

What is FOCUS for ACTION?  It is small groups that take up an issue, like one from above or any that are important to you.  The groups meet independently to learn and discuss, and then to set a course of action. Then along with the resources, contacts, and government experience that the Fredericksburg Tea Party will provide, Focus groups will have the means to force effective change of our unproductive Legislature.


Focus 4 The Second Amendment, Meets on Wednesdays 11:30 at Altos de Jalisco FBG.
They plan two upcoming trips to the Capitol:

    • Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020, for State Affairs Hearing on: -  Second Amendment: Examine Second Amendment legislation passed since the 84th Legislative Session including open carry, campus carry, and lowering the license to carry fee.
    • Tuesday, March 10, 2020, for  The Senate Select Committee on Mass Violence Prevention and Community Hearing on: - Ways to keep firearms out of the hands of individuals who would not pass a federal background check, while protecting the Second Amendment and Texans' right to bear arms. Examine whether stranger-to-stranger gun sales in Texas should be subject to background checks.

Carpooling available, contact Mike Belsick  CLICK HERE


Focus 4 City and County, Meets every Wednesday at Clear River Creamery, FBG 2nd Floor at 1 p.m.  Grab lunch and meet people who have an interest in city/county issues.